December 13th: Sinus

Had a nasty headache today which I think was caused by some dried out mucus impacting in my sinuses. Eventually managed to fix it by way of ibuprofen, zyrtec, and a few cups of hot tea, but by then most of the day was gone. Still, I managed to get a bit of writing work done, reading/archiving some of my old work and outlining some ideas for the book, and to get some music written.

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December 12th: Alpha protocol

Finished Alpha Protocol on stream, which was a lot of fun. Also did a fair bit of cleaning up around the house and worked on commission stuff

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December 11th: Groceries

Did a huge grocery run today which kinda tired me out. After some rest, I eventually managed to get a little bit of music and commission work done — not a lot, but better than nothing.

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December 10th: Tree

Decorated a tree, worked on Feral behavior code a bit, and did a chunk of commission work.

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December 9th: Views

Felt extremely low energy today, so I mostly napped. Ended up working on the camera system for the game a fair bit, though, and wrote the DevBlog, so not a total loss. Can’t all be winners.

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December 8th: Feral

Finally got to where the dang Feral enemy code will build. Well uh mostly, one of the behaviors is just commented out now. And I have no idea if it will actually work, but it’s at least kind of in place now.

Also did figure drawing for a few hours, wrote a piece for the blog tomorrow, and did a bit of commission brainstorming.

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December 7th: The End is Nigh

Streamed some more The End is Nigh, did some more office tidying side work stuff, worked a tiny bit on commission stuff and kicked the can a bit further down the road on getting the game up and running again.

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