July 16th: Arise

Forgot yesterday’s I guess. Still working on music, doing some commission work, started on the intro animation where Eve wakes up and grabs her sword.

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July 14th: Music

Working on the first chapter’s boss music. Hung some paintings up. Wrote up the devblog.

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July 13th: Featured

Okay I think I have all the core systems pretty much figured out now. There’s a couple of holes, but none that are really relevant for chapter 1, which is what I’m focusing on finishing right now. Added all tasks for chapter 1 to a task list — it adds up to a lot, about 1300 hours. Maybe it’ll take less than that, dunno. Also worked on the first boss theme and outlined a piece for tomorrow.

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July 10th: Storytelling

Spent a lot of time today trying to figure out the important parts of the game’s design that I hadn’t quite determined yet: First, how to handle the narrative sections, second what sort of special attacks and upgrades there will be. I had a big brainstorm about all this a year or so ago, but I neglected to write down exactly what my ideas WERE, so I’ve been having to reconstruct them a bit. Still, I have a much better idea of what the narrative segments will entail, and I’m in the process of figuring out the combat stuff. That all ended up taking quite a bit of time and energy, but I got some stuff done around the house and a bit of commission work

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July 9th: Planned

Okay I have a new and improved task list which breaks things down even further than before. I also started adding time estimates, though haven’t quite gotten all of them, and it seems like these chapter 1 tasks will probably add up to somewhere in the region of like 1200 hours of work —  quite a lot when you usually work less than 20 hours in a week. Still, it’s a finite number, and the more I work the smaller it will get.

Also a bit of commission work, and poked away at the boss music for chapter 1 a bit. It’s still very rough but I think I can start pulling it together.

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July 8th: Navigation

I’m working on a task list for chapter 1 of the game. This is going to be a lot more exhaustive than the last one, hopefully covering all or most of the tasks necessary to make this happen, and with time estimates to accompany them. Obviously it’s not going to be completely accurate, but armed with it and a new schedule I should be in an okay position to start making serious progress on the project again, and maybe I could even be done or close to done with the first chapter by the end of the year. I originally wanted to have that by the end of LAST year, but a year late doesn’t sound so bad at this point.

Also did figure drawing. Still in a weird sleep place, so dev blogs are probably gonna skip a day soon as I get realigned.

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July 7th: Aligned

Well I still haven’t quite ironed out all of the OpenFL kinks, many of which are just quirks of the platform I’ll have to deal with over time, but the game is up and running quite well now, and I’ve smashed a few sneaky bugs that could have been quite nasty in the long run. Now, I need to start working on content, and start turning it into an actual game. Towards that end, I’ve pulled out the old to-do list I made and will be revising it and then trying to check off parts of it as quickly as I can. I’m trying to cycle my sleep schedule again so I can get up earlier, and once I manage that I’ll try to start scheduling myself again.

Also some commission work.

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