March 24th: Elliptical

Did yardwork and started working on a new system for adding ripples to the water. This one’s much simpler than the fluid dynamics sort of system I had before, but I think it will look nice. Towards this end, I spent a while reading up on ellipse math and building a helper ellipse class. This should make it easier to build the necessary displacement maps.



Starting to look something, but has a ways to go yet.

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May 23rd: Sunk

Got my code running but it’s incredibly slow and the effect isn’t working yet. Will probably have to figure out another simpler way of doing this effect — probably involving just drawing ellipses with the graphics tool to be ripples. Also did a few hours of streaming, but was too tired/depressed/demotivated to get commission work in.

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May 22nd: Displacement

Got started on making the displacement map logic for water reflections, but still have a lot to figure out here. Also did some miscellaneous errands and some art.

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May 21st: Wrap

Streamed 3 hours, finished a commission, finished a blog post — kind of a weird one, dunno if people will like it.

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May 20th: Through The Looking Glass

Water reflections work now. The fact that I had to counteract the camera’s movement because the draw buffer it was pulling from to make the reflection was itself affected by the motion of the camera was a big tripping point, but I got it figured out. There’s currently a ‘glitch’ where the bottom of the reflection doesn’t draw in if you move low enough but… I actually think that might, in practice, be a good looking effect.

HOWEVER there is currently a nasty problem with some elements jittering back and forth on draw, which looks really bad. So I need to fix that, I need to add ripple effects and stuff to the water, and I need to finish adding the color matrix manipulation stuff I started adding today. I think this water will look pretty rad when I’m done. And yes I know it’s a lot of work to go into a relatively tiny aspect of the game but eh looking rad has to be worth something too, right?

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May 19th: Water

Still working on the reflections. They reflect everything now, but the alignment of the reflections leaves something to be desired still. It’s getting close, anyway. Also ended up streaming for like 6 hours today, 3 playing Hollow Knight on my channel and 3 playing Jackbox games on Feeona’s channel

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May 18th: Framework

Did a lot more commission stuff today. Also got a glasses prescription. Ordered frames and lenses online, so looking forward to those showing up.

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