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June 28th, 29th: Off the rails

Really out of it today, just couldn’t get motivated at all. Did a bit of commission work, took a long walk, tried to figure some shit out. Also forgot to update yesterday, did a bit of work on Candle and … Continue reading

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June 27th: Berfday

My birthday today so I took things kinda easy. Still did a bit of commission work and a bit of music, but nothing very substantial. It’s pretty warm now and that’s taking some adjustment.

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June 26th: Title of Title

Man this is really just the worst character design to animate. After I finished the right turning animation I started in on revising the stopping animations; the leather straps seemed to float when she stopped. Oh well, animating the straps … Continue reading

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June 25th: Some kind of work

More commission work, more streaming, and also did some manual type labor for pocket change. Didn’t get the EverEnding animation work I wanted to done, but still fairly productive overall I think.

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June 24th: Eh it all works out

Did a bunch of work on commission stuff even though it wasn’t scheduled for a day just because I felt like it. Unfortunately got less done on the stuff that was scheduled because of that, but whatever. Other than that … Continue reading

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June 23rd: Split attention

Didn’t quite get to everything I had scheduled for today, but felt like I got in some good commission work and did a good stream, so alright in terms of quality if a bit sparse in quantity.

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June 22nd: A Bit

A little bit more work on the turning animation, a small chunk of commission work, and I also saw a movie. Need to work on getting an earlier start, today was just delay after delay.

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