October 9th: Third person

Spent today working out a decent simple third person camera in Unity. Also painted an owl.

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October 8th: Fragmented

Having a hard time focusing on one thing for long. Well, that’s as it ever was, but I think in particular I’m having trouble adjusting to my current work area, in particular using a pen display — so I think I’m going to be returning it and going back to a graphics tablet setup, but this time with another monitor. Anyway, got a bit of commission work done today and some character design stuff.

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October 7th: Unproductive

Extremely unproductive day, just a bit of commission work and saw a movie. It’s Saturday though and I stayed up for 22 hours yesterday, so whatever, I’m just not gonna worry about it.

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October 6th: Readjusting

Studied some Unity stuff, wrote up some project notes and some stuff to help me figure out personal problems, and gonna do some figure drawing. Weird day, still adjusting to cycled sleep schedule, but hopefully with a free day or two I’ll be fine. It’s at least a different kind of fatigue than the sleepiness that was plaguing me before.

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October 4th, 5th: Cycling

Sleep schedule’s cycling around the clock again, I was just getting too tired so I figured might as well lean into it. Some work on the Pandemonia painting, some work on the sleeping idle animation for the Feral, some necessary paperwork.

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October 2nd, 3rd: Animal

Finished the Feral design yesterday but forgot to post a devblog — also did some painting practice. Today I studied/practiced 3d sculpting a bit, took a run at a character design that wasn’t working out, and creating a couple of basic sprites to start working on the Feral enemy type.

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October 1st: Feral

Another not-very-productive day I think. Having a LOT of trouble keeping my sleep schedule from slipping right now, as I keep waking up extremely sleepy and having to sleep more. Worked a bit on the Pandemonia painting, but I was feeling a bit discouraged — Think I need to take a bit of a break from it, just a day or two. So instead I worked a bit on an enemy design, the Feral, for EverEnding. I’ve got the idea down pretty well now I think, will try and finish it tomorrow.

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