June 21st: Dissolution

Was getting a bit tired of working on backgrounds so I started working on the enemy death/revival/etc system. Biggest breakthrough was I thought of an effect for when enemies are defeated that should look awesome, solve the problem of the intermediary pre-death stage, AND save me a lot of trouble. It may not be especially efficient performance-wise, but I don’t think it will be too bad. I’m extremely glad I looked up displacement maps for doing that water effect, they really do have a million uses.

Also did some commission work and some yard work and stuff.


About problemmachine

What is the nature of your problem? Can we modify the nature of your problem? Can your problem be touched? Eaten? May we eat your problem for you? May we eat your soul for you? Would you like a replacement problem? We make problems. We eat souls. We crap solutions. We are Problem Machine.
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