May 20th: Through The Looking Glass

Water reflections work now. The fact that I had to counteract the camera’s movement because the draw buffer it was pulling from to make the reflection was itself affected by the motion of the camera was a big tripping point, but I got it figured out. There’s currently a ‘glitch’ where the bottom of the reflection doesn’t draw in if you move low enough but… I actually think that might, in practice, be a good looking effect.

HOWEVER there is currently a nasty problem with some elements jittering back and forth on draw, which looks really bad. So I need to fix that, I need to add ripple effects and stuff to the water, and I need to finish adding the color matrix manipulation stuff I started adding today. I think this water will look pretty rad when I’m done. And yes I know it’s a lot of work to go into a relatively tiny aspect of the game but eh looking rad has to be worth something too, right?


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