May 15th: Reflecting

Figuring out reflection system now. There’s basically three stages: 1) Figure out the shape of the reflection. This is easy in theory, but figuring out where the best place to do it in the program is kind of weird, especially taking into account the way this needs to communicate with the other stages. 2) Draw the basic reflection. This is basically just taking everything else that’s been drawn, flipping it upside down, and then masking it with the shapes defined in stage 1 before drawing it to the stage. Stage 3) Drawing ripple effects. I think I have a pretty good idea how to do this using a displacement map, but I’m not sure how to generate the displacement map yet. I’m concentrating on getting the first two steps down first.

Also did a bit of work today and some painting. Also made some bbq pork. Doing my own cooking costs me so much time and saves me so much money it basically counts as work.


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