March 6th: The Matrix

I spent a chunk of today cleaning up my room, which felt like a substantial morale boost, then thus emboldened tackled the performance issues of the particle system. What I found ended up really surprising me: What was slowing the system down as by and large not the drawing operations but, for some reason the color matrix creation operations. As best as I can tell, just creating small 20-value float arrays was, aggregated across several functions being called several times for each particles, just creating so much garbage that the garbage collector was triggering very frequently, each time costing 20+ms. To counteract this problem I went through all of the most frequently used functions and made them reuse static objects instead of allocating new ones, which is kind of an annoying thing to have to do but oh well. Even so, there are still spikes over the 16ms threshold I need to hit 60fps, but they’re less frequent and egregious now.


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