February 21st/22nd: Rollover

The restructuring of the particle system is pretty much done and it’s like 9am the next day so I guess I’m cycling my sleep schedule again. Right now the game builds again, but it’s got a bunch of bugs to iron out. Also, the particle system is still running in the main thread since that makes it easier to debug, but it SHOULD be easy to separate it out into its own thread now. There are a few bits of code that only run when it’s on a separate thread, but for the most part running it in the main thread or separating it out uses the exact same code.

I hope this will be worth the ten days or whatever of pretty intense programming work I put into it. It will be nice to have the game running again, regardless — I’d like to stop programming and go back to building levels and whatnot for a while.

Also did some commission stuff today.


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