December 13th: Broken Clock

Worked a bit on an animated grass detail today, which taught me a few things.

a) There’s something fucked up in the simple detail update/rendering code that’s making it chug down to 20 fps just with 40 animated grass details. The fps problem persists even when they’re off-screen, which suggests to me that the bad code is in the update rather than the render routine, but we’ll see. Annoying, but also a potential opportunity to fix a big problem.

b) Apparently the pingpong style animation mode doesn’t work. The code I have really looks like it should, but there must be some oversight since trying to test the grass with it results in a stopped animation

c) I need to create a setting for animation timing offset in the editor if I want to be able to sync up animations in an interesting way. I experimented with just changing the animation speed multiplier, which isn’t a BAD effect but isn’t what I want.

I also finished a commission and did some helpful work for my mom. Not bad, but all this stuff ended up keeping me up late. This is why my sleep schedule is always ridiculous. Well, one manifestation of it anyway.


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