October 3rd: Future

Phewwwww. Spent a lot more time working on the schedule of work needing to be done on EverEnding, very exhausting stuff — but I think I have a fairly thorough list, now, of everything that needs to be done to take chapter 1 to completion. I’m currently in the process of taking all those tasks and breaking them down into individual work sessions — right now, just assuming a rate of 22 work sessions a month, which gives me a bit of leeway in case things get a bit more difficult than I thought… but not a whole lot.

I’ve got the first couple months scheduled which handles the immediate future, and I can spend the rest of this month getting the other months planned out bit by bit. In the meanwhile, I have all the stuff I’ve scheduled myself to tackle to tackle.

That’s basically all I got done today, feeling real tired. Will try to get caught up on sleep tonight.


About problemmachine

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