October 2nd: The Road Ahead

I made a post about the game on a forum yesterday as a first step towards being more open in my development, and in that post I said I wanted to have the first chapter of the game done by the end of next year. This seemed like a goal both worthy and feasible, but afterwards I realized that if I was going to hit that goal I’d have to figure out how to approach it. So, for today, the main thing I did was create an (almost) complete breakdown of everything I need for the first chapter of the game. All of the enemies, each of their animations and sound effects, all of the remaining programming, all of the music, all the remaining tweaks I need to make to the player character, they’re all going in the list.

Right now the list is mostly done, with the most notable gap in it being those enemies who I haven’t done a lot of planning on yet. I need to look at these more closely to see what animations and effects they’ll need, and I’ll be doing all that tomorrow. Once I have that done I’ll start assigning the work into monthly blocks, basically milestones to hit at the end of each month. I’m not sure yet if I’ll try to break it down further, like into weekly tasks, but even if I don’t it’s still a big step forward in project planning.

There’s probably some stuff I’m overlooking, but still — it’s exciting to see all the tasks as just a list, even if it is a big list. That’s something I can tackle.

Oh yeah, also did some commission work and some other miscellany today.


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