September 26th: Side Paths

Today was kinda weird. I got some music stuff done but not much, and though I was scheduled for doing commission work I decided I wasn’t super into that so I did some cleaning around the house I’d scheduled for tomorrow instead. Today feels like a day where I didn’t produce a lot, but I did some good practice and exercise and maintenance stuff.

It makes me think a bit about the different kinds of tasks that go into being a person, and wondering if I should put more thought into how I group those tasks. For instance, today felt like a day that was more about self-improvement than about productivity, where I did a lot of physical exercise and practiced skills and exposed myself to new things. Other days end up being about maintenance, about doing laundry and dishes and cleaning up and organizing and making plans. And, of course, some days are about creation itself, putting in the actual work to manifest something. Right now, my scheduling is VERY creation-focused, and I’m wondering if I might get better results by intentionally blocking self-improvement, maintenance, and creativity tasks on specific days rather than smooshing em all together with a huge emphasis on creativity.

One of a few thoughts I’ve had recently about changing the way I approach things. I don’t have anything actionable yet, but I may take some extra time when I schedule my next week to figure this stuff out and try to enact some of these ideas.


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