March 17th: Lemonade

I think I’m getting close, at least in generalities. As I improve and learn more I may have ideas for how to improve these tiles, but I’m starting to really like the general tone and palette here. I think these are very expressive for only using 7 colors — 9 including a couple of shades of red I only use for the spikes. Ideally I’d get that down to 8 total, but if so it’s going to be by getting rid of one of the red shades, since each shade of green is serving a particular purpose here. I also made the highlights cyan for a very weird otherworldly feeling which I’m digging here and hopefully will fit in the final tone of the area.

One advantage of this stronger lighting style is that it actually means I need fewer lighting transition tiles, since the light’s only strong enough to create a transition that spans a tile coming from one direction. That labor wasn’t really saved here, since I had to make them all anyway to find that out, but it’s helpful information for the future. There’s still a few transitions here need work, but overall I think I’m getting very close to a working grass tileset!


Well, mostly. I still need to do like a third of the tiles, since some of them aren’t in mr lemon here.


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