February 14th: Tile Template

So I’m working on planning out all the tilesets. First I made a spreadsheet planning out what sorts of tiles went in which tileset bank. I think I was pretty thorough, and even if I missed a few there’s a shitload of redundancy and at least 6 empty slots for main/foreground tiles.

After that I made a template image to base all of the collidable tilesets off of, which would be the first 64 banks, foreground tiles. Others may also use the template, but it’s less important that they do so since they won’t need to line up as exactly.


One of the biggest changes here is the addition of 1:3 slopes. This shouldn’t require a ton of code to get working, and should make outdoor areas especially look a lot more natural. You can see how comparatively smooth the transition is in the template here. Tomorrow’s job is to implement 1:3 slopes in the code, and ideally to make the collision tile locations match up with the coordinates of corresponding types of tile in the template, making it easier to match collision shapes with the right images on the fly. That may be a bit tricky, but it could make certain kinds of work go a lot faster so it’s definitely worth considering.

Making these changes will probably precipitate some changes to the tile editor to take advantage of them, as well, but one thing at a time.


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