February 10th: World

Okay, started building the first few areas out. I’d done a bit of this before, but I expanded the area greatly — I want the starting area to be very open with not a lot of interesting stuff going on at first, just lots of room to move around and maybe some interesting things to explore without a lot of pressure. I’m getting a feel for how this area’s gonna look, though it’s all still super rough. I’m thinking I might make a little tool to quickly smooth out terrain slopes, though I’m not sure if that’s going to actually be helpful in the long run since I need to also pay attention to tilesets and whatnot.

Along the way I also fixed a couple of problems with the level editor. The fill tool is useful but seems to be unstable: I’ll have to change it to no longer use recursive functionality, since that seems to result in a lot of overflows, which are obnoxious to debug. Frankly I don’t think recursive functionality is generally a very useful approach, since it’s difficult to think about properly and causes weird bugs, but it was a quick and easy way to get the flood fill done at the time so I didn’t bother modifying it. Now that it’s becoming a source of instability I’ll figure out something better. A useful function stops being useful at the point where I’m afraid to use it.

I also fired up AnxEdit and quickly implemented one of the things on my wishlist, allowing the dragging of registration points across multiple concurrent frames with and indication of where the point lies in each frame. I could probably do it more elegantly though, with a bit of gradation in the colors showing the movement more clearly. Could be pretty cool.


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