October 12th: Revisions

Welp it’s been a few days. As alluded to on the weekly devblog I took a bit of a break, spent some time on IRL stuff and kind of rearranging my mind. So that’s good. Anyway.

I went down kind of a rabbit trail today. The whole thing with sorting out different attacks for animation lead me to think that, you know, a better system of evaluating an entity’s current status than just ‘are these statuses all true or false?” would be really helpful for more sophisticated commands with less boilerplate hookup. So I started redoing the system for evaluating entity status conditionals, which lead me to thinking about how to save/load dynamic data to xml, which is a problem which I’d solved but only in the context of saving/loading entities and entity templates, so I cut that code out and put it into the generalized xml tools and then went back and revised the entity template to use the new code and, yeah.

Well, this is cool though. I think I’ll be able to get this new system up and running tomorrow, no problem, though it will require me to revise old saved entities and templates to use the new save format. In exchange, I get a reusable solution to tackle a pretty common problem, so I think that’s  a fair trade. With a bit of push, I should be able to get the new entity conditionals working tomorrow too, which should give me a nice robust base to implement animations in a less clusterfucky way from.


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