August 26th: Inconsistency

20 days! 20 days! That’s kind of fucked! Jeez.

Okay. I mean most of that was vacation and sick day, but still that’s getting way out of hand. I think I need to go back to working on this a little bit a day for at least a week or two until I can get my rhythm back. Once I’m more into the swing of things, we can see about maybe getting back to the more focused but less consistent approach, but damn. 20 days! That’s a really long time to have not updated. I don’t feel great about that.

Anyway, for today I went ahead and implemented a basic stun system, which is really just a timer that gets set that has to be separately interpreted by the movement function of whatever entity it’s applied to, since I can’t really generalize between player controlled entities and AI controlled entities easily here. I suppose I probably could if I had planned for it, but I didn’t.

However, it’s still kind of untested because I’m getting some downright weird bugs with the entity interaction system which I’ll have to untangle first. This system needs some serious work: The collisions themselves don’t seem to process reliably, and I’m not sure if the stack of interactions generated from the collisions are being processed consistently either. It will take more patience than I have at the moment to untangle that knot, but hopefully I’ll be able to think a bit more clearly tomorrow.


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