June 16th: The Whole Truth

I realized today that I was having trouble keeping track of all of the components of my story — where everything comes from, why it happened the way it did, what everyone’s motivation was, how the world works, etc. Thus, I spent today working on a writeup of the story in plain text, trying to hit on all the points that were ambiguous and nail down exactly what’s going on in each case. It’s weird, because the presentation of all these things are going to be ambiguous, and some of the concepts don’t really make sense in plain text as rooted as they are in metaphor and poetic thought, but it’s necessary to have something like this just so when I have a new idea for a little story detail to add I can actually check someplace whether it makes any sense or not to do so.

It turns out that there’s a fair bit of complexity here, though. Even trying to keep the writing as straightforward as possible, I’ve still got 1600 words and a couple of big important sections left to write. Should be able to finish it tomorrow.


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