April 30th: Pathways

Okay I’ve danced around this long enough. I’m starting to really look into pathfinding for 2d platformers stuff now. I had originally intended to kind of half-ass it, just improvise and see where it took me, but I think I’ll save myself time and energy and maybe even learn more if I start with some online pathfinding code a build a tool out of it for future reusability. This is kind of new territory for me, but the advantage is of course that once it’s done I can use it for a whole bunch of stuff.

So, I made a class for building navigation maps out of a start position and a goal within a level, the main thing that’s missing right now being just the logic for actually building the navigation. That stuff should mostly get added in tomorrow: I’m hoping to have it pretty much useable by then, and then integrate it into this enemy behavior shortly thereafter.


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