April 22nd: Snowballing

Okay, started in on the second enemy type, if only very slightly. This is probably going to be the single most complex non-boss enemy type in the entire game, so I need to leave myself some room for this to take a while. Fortunately, one of the reasons these guys are so complex is because there’s a bunch of different versions of them, which gives me a pretty natural lead-in to compartmentalize my work. Also fortunately, these are also going to be one of the most common enemies in the game, especially in the first chapter, so once I get these guys done that will represent a significant step forward in the overall development of the game.

It’ll probably take a while to make real progress on these guys, but hopefully I can at least get something in the game to build off of soon. Because of the complexity of their behavior, these enemies will also take a lot of work to animate, so that’s also a bit intimidating — but, possibly, also lucky, since it gives me another thing to do when I get frustrated or bored with programming.


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