April 18th: Side Effects

Huh. Well I was going to settle in and fix the other major collision issue when I found that it no longer seems to exist. So that’s a time saver.

That taken care of, I ended up doing some debugging on the transitions between levels. I discovered that there seemed to be some problems with it trying to load information about maps before the maps themselves were loaded, so I made it so the game just pre-loads all the maps in the map directory on startup. Since map files are pretty small, I don’t think this will be an issue, but I think right now it’s also loading all of the levels in the maps as well, which is a fair bit more demanding.

In addition to that, for a long time now each level has run its loading functions multiple times instead of just once. I don’t know whether that’s causing problems or not, but it might be, and it’s also totally clogging up my debug output, so I’ll see about fixing that tomorrow as well as making sure it doesn’t mass-load levels at startup. (which isn’t a big deal now, but when there’s a few hundred of them in the game may get a bit out of hand).


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