April 5th: Scope

Putting together these test tilesets and placing them into the levels is starting to give me an idea of just how big the scope of the art component of this game is going to be, and it’s pretty intimidating. Still, once I get going on it and get some practice in it will probably speed up. I split the rope tiles out into another tile set, and I’m kind of considering just splitting stone, grass, and dirt out into a separate tile set each – it’s not like I should be short on available slots, with 255 available tile sets with the current implementation. I can give each chapter of the game 50 tile sets and still have 50 left over, so yeah not a big deal.

What is kind of a big deal, though, is that whenever I need to draw a new tile I need to set its collision type, tile set, and which tile to draw in that set, which is kind of a lot of clicks to do an operation I’m going to need to do an awful lot. Ideally I could have some way to automatically assign the correct tile collision based on the tile image, so I could just select that image and have it work. Also, ideally, I’d have some way to get a preview of the tileset, either a text description or just having the set itself pop up on screen when I’m selecting it. That latter is pretty easy, and I may implement it tomorrow, but mapping the tiles is actually kind of tricky and involves constructing a secondary data set somehow which contains all of the mappings. The question is whether that would save more time in the long run than the trouble it causes, and that’s still an open question.

In the meanwhile I’ll just continue on building up the tile sets, figuring out all of the ones I’ll need for this first game section. It’s a bit intimidating, but I think I can make steady progress on it and chip away at it until the problem becomes a bit more manageable.


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