March 16th: Nudge

Hm, missed an update there. I think a weird timing thing related to the weekly devblog update and some dumb sleep schedule shenanigans.

Anyway, I figured out what was going wrong with my patrol behavior, which turned out to be another collision glitch which only affects entities less than or equal to one tile tall (possibly wide, as well). I’ve added it to my list of bugs, but it’s a low priority fix since I probably won’t have a lot of entities like that in the game. Still, it’d be nice to have the option.

I also got some enemy interaction stuff working, most notably the test enemy now does a bit of knockback when it touches you. This actually required a chunk of work since there was a todo in entity collision that needed to be addressed first (integrating clipping rectangles and frame offsets into the pixel-based collision functions). Despite being very distractible, I eventually muddled my way through the problem. The bitmap-bitmap tests haven’t been confirmed yet, but the rectangle-bitmap tests that were getting used in this particular instance definitely seem to work now.

I started arranging a document for all of the enemy types, but I seem to have been remiss in figuring this stuff out for the last few areas of the game, so tomorrow I’ll probably be working on deciding what enemies go where, how those enemies behave, what they look like, etc. It will be nice to get into a nice meaty pure game-design task after all of this fussy programming work.


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