March 12th: Creature

I realized that, really, this basic patrol behavior fits very few of the enemy types I’m going to have, and I am probably going to need to write custom movement for each enemy type (after all, that’s one of the main differences between them). However, after a bit of thinking I decided this would be a good movement pattern for something small and spiky, kind of like Spinies in Mario or whatever those wall-crawly things in Metroid. So I made a terrible sketch, and out of that sketch I made a terrible frame of prototype animation. I may end up just cleaning that up a bit and using it as-is for now, since this entire enemy idea is still in flux it would be unwise to put too much effort into it up-front.

What will make these guys interesting, if I decide to stick with them, is that they’ll be one of very few enemies that deal damage on contact, with all other enemies having to specifically attack you. This is unfortunately a choice that might make this game substantially more difficult to develop, but I think is better and more interesting. Well, we’ll see where it takes me.

Anyway here’s the shitty prototype sketch:


Proportions and stuff need some work, but you get the idea that it’s a humanoid figure with a spiky turtley shell. Arms and legs are thick and fatty, and the head is sort of embedded against the shell in a way that makes it impossible to look up and see where it’s going, with big luminous eyes that indicate it will probably mostly be underground. It’s licking the ground for sustenance, and just kind of goes along doing its own thing.

Looks pretty bad for now, but I can make it good later. Most important thing is just getting something down to work with.


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