March 5th: Tipping Points

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things a bit, but I have very little actual progress to show for it. I figured out yesterday’s problem at least:  At the top of slopes you can run up, which uses the standard running animation, or if you let go you’ll quickly slide down. There’s still the problem with the sliding animation sticking out over the top, but it’s only there very briefly, and you can’t prolong it by pushing against the slope since if you’re that far up you just run up the hill. So, yeah, that works.

Right now I’m figuring out what’s up with some weird problems with climbing up walls on the left — I have a system in place where if you can almost jump on something it will nudge you up the last bit to put you on the surface, and that’s working fine, but there’s currently an issue with the ground tracking which makes it interact poorly with this, seemingly something about it trying to snap you into the wall tiles which looks ugly and flings the player downwards at high speed instead of helping them climb up. So that’s an issue.

I’ve also found a very rare problem with the same climbing code, where if you hit a slope at the very edge of the character it will push her out horizontally AND vertically, which just locks her against the side of the wall as long as you hold it. This one’s with the actual level collision code I think, not the ground tracking. Dunno! I’ll hopefully be able to solve these both in relatively short order tomorrow and use them as launching points into more interesting stuff.


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