March 4th: Ledge Case

Well now this is a pickle.

So here’s the problem as it is now: The slope animation looks good when sliding down a slope, so long as both of the character’s feet line up with the tiles. However, at the very top of the slope, one foot goes up over the top of the ledge to push against a slope that doesn’t reach that high. This looks pretty shitty.

First, I tried fixing this by making it so that at the top of slopes it’s like she’s standing on level ground, but this communicates poorly because it’s no longer clear where the slope starts or whens or why she can stand on it just fine at one moment and then slide the next. I could probably fix this by changing the slope animation to be more animated, with her feet flailing at the surface, but it would make the character seem less confident and, moreover, would look shitty when pushing against the bottom of the slope instead of the top.

One idea I should have tried but didn’t think to is basically making it so that if you get close enough you just teleport to being on top of the slope. I actually have something very similar to this for the normal collision detection and it works pretty well, so maybe I should try this solution for my slope problem. Dunno, I’ll give that a shot tomorrow.


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