February 27th: Hard Times

Just added a simple behavior to make it so that when you fall from a long height it momentarily forces you into a crouch animation. This is an idea I took pretty much wholesale from Symphony of the Night, one of my major influences here, and with a nice thump and some dust particle effects it adds a lot of weight to the character. This will also interact with things like the downwards attack, and should improve the feel there as well. I also made a list of other tweaks I either definitely want to make or maybe want to make to the movement system: Stuff like whether or not rolling off a ledge takes you out of the roll or puts you into an air roll, whether you can jump out of a roll in the air or on the ground, whether I want to change up the way hill-sliding animations look, etcetera. I’ve been kinda distracted the last couple of days, but I can hopefully burn through these in relatively short order once I focus in on them.


About problemmachine

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