February 13th: Slow Down

Last few days have been kinda intense so I took it a bit easy today. Problems with bottom slopes proved to be a bit trickier than I thought. In the worst case, I could address this just by never using them for ledges, but that would be annoying. Hopefully can get all this stuff figured out soonish, but I need to take things a bit slow because I’ve been feeling kinda fried. If this project was the only thing I had to worry about then I could get this exhausted on programming every day, but it isn’t and I’m running out of spare juice.

About problemmachine

What is the nature of your problem? Can we modify the nature of your problem? Can your problem be touched? Eaten? May we eat your problem for you? May we eat your soul for you? Would you like a replacement problem? We make problems. We eat souls. We crap solutions. We are Problem Machine.
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