February 11th/12th: Tweaks

Spaced on yesterday’s update because I was busy, but I ended up doing a lot today. Started off with getting the collision detection, uh, mostly working. Steep slopes finally finally finally fucking work right, and the last few problems are mostly weird edge cases involving encountering sloped tiles in weird ways. Tomorrow I’ll take care of those and get the ground tracking working, probably.

Once I got the collision detection there, I spent a loong time tweaking the player’s parameters to try to get something a bit more workable. I measured the height and length of her jumps, and found that with the current parameters the longest jump on an equal-height tile would be well-off-screen, which seemed kinda bad. I spent a few hours just playing with different settings, different jump heights and accelerations and max speeds, and eventually got something that feels pretty good. Now, unfortunately a max-length horizontal jump still lands a bit off-screen from where you start, but at least now it’s just a bit. And, honestly, not a lot of the game will use that particular kind of jump challenge, so that’s probably fine.

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