January 31st: Ordering

I realized that in order to make the secondary attack animations work correctly I needed a system for a single behavior being able to draw arbitrarily in front of or behind the primary animation, so I created a new drawing system for entities where, rather than storing a surface to draw to in the template, they just queue up all their draw calls and then all the draws happen at once after all of the updates. This is nice in a few ways: For one, it opens the possibility of some optimizations down the road, and for another it cleans up a lot of extra variables that weren’t really used except for a few logistical purposes.

Anyway, that done I started writing a TendrilBehavior, which is going to be a simple special effect applied to create simple kinematic chains that can be attached to an animation and rendered using the flash graphics renderer. I’ll probably use these to add a bit of procedural flair to the character hair and clothing, and the same style of kinematic chain is going to be instrumental in creating the secondary attack.


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