January 26th: Variance

Okay, parameter editor seems to be working perfectly. I had to rewrite the entity class a bit to make all of the parameter saving/loading work, which was no big deal. I also made all the changes I needed to make the editor also work for templates, and added most of the UI stuff I wanted. I just want to make it so input is restricted for Int and UInt fields and improve/fix a couple of other small things and it’s probably done.

Tomorrow I’ll probably do that stuff and then integrate this into the template editor so that that’s fully operational, since it sounds like that won’t be so much work any more. I can think of a couple of other improvements that might be nice as well, such as tagging image path parameters with something so that the editor knows they’re image paths and will open an image browser when you try to edit them. Maybe! Don’t want to overcomplicate this stuff though.

About problemmachine

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