January 21st: Focus

Been having a bit of trouble focusing, but I developed the parameter editor out a bit. It’s tricky with sub-parameters, such as the contents of arrays, where there’s no values already in there to determine what type of variables are supposed to be put in there. It’s also tricky when there’s a type in there of some value that could be one of a few different kinds of basic types — I have no way of knowing, when I see 1, whether it’s an int, a uint, or a Float. This is a particular nuisance with haXe, and probably stems from its multi-platform implementation. It sucks.

Anyway, to cope with this I’ve created a system for setting information about parameter types and whatnot, but it’s only half-implemented since I need to figure out a way to apply it to the default value map in a way that doesn’t place a huge obnoxious work load on me down the line. Annoying.

The good news, though, is once I sort that out the rest of this should be pretty easy, just hooking up all the inputs so that they properly update the relevant objects when modified and then a few interface improvements and the parameter editor will be good to go. Tomorrow is a possibility, depending on how much momentum I can scrape together. The other good news is that, the way I’m doing it this time, I should be able to very easily repurpose this system into a template editor instead of an entity parameter editor, so maybe it will be worthwhile to integrate that whole system back in (though, again, probably as a distinct and separate tool from the entity editor this time).


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