January 1st: There’s Always Something

Blargh blargh blargh. A couple of hours on trying to fix issues with level transitions. Just trying to get them so they work really smoothly now, no weird camera jerking, continuous movement so you can tell where you are, etcetera. Along the way I get to find all of the shitty mistakes I made that shouldn’t have even worked this long. Anyway, figuring it out. Also finished making the controller input a bit more reliable, did a bunch of general slight tweaks and improvements which I can’t actually remember any more.


About problemmachine

What is the nature of your problem? Can we modify the nature of your problem? Can your problem be touched? Eaten? May we eat your problem for you? May we eat your soul for you? Would you like a replacement problem? We make problems. We eat souls. We crap solutions. We are Problem Machine.
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