December 29th/30th: Renewed

Okay, as fun as the holidays were it’s somewhat of a relief that they’re over now. Settled in today to get a bit of work done: Fixed all of the bugs I found in level/map changing transitions, decided the tile editor would be much more useful if it had a visible grid for lining things up (I was having trouble aligning doorways in adjacent rooms), so I added that. That ended up taking a bit longer than I thought it would, because the proportions of rooms were different than I’d remembered them being and because it wasn’t entirely clear whether the major divisions should be between on the negative or positive side of the tile division (I eventually decided to make both, since either one would be misleading otherwise).

I revisited the map editor and fixed a couple of bugs with it. I also found that it seems to have a bit of trouble discovering levels which haven’t been loaded yet, which I’ll need to address. That and a couple of finicky collision issues with the character are next up on my list, after which um… let me see, what was I planning on working on before all this Holiday stuff happened… Ah yes, a dialogue system and making it so game entities can modify it as necessary. I’ll work on that next.


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  1. problem machine indeed 🙂

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