December 10th: Antagonistic

I made some very simple test enemies and got the very simple attacks working against the very simple enemies. It’s something, but there’s a lot that needs improving:

  1. Most importantly, I need to come up with a good way to handle death animations and other post-destruction operations for entities. Should these be handled by creating a replacement animation entity? Or as a special set of updates after the destruction is supposed to happen? It’s not clear, and I’ll have to sort it out
  2. I also need to figure out how to ensure that attacks only register once, or that they otherwise register consistently in cases of more sustained attacks. Ideally the attack would last for a small amount of time and move with the player.
  3. I need to make enemies that attack back, and figure out how player status regarding her current health and whatnot can reflect back onto the game state so that, say, when the player dies the game will reset to an appropriate point (with appropriate animations, as per #1)
  4. Finally, I need to figure out how creating soul pick-ups from enemies, collecting those, and what happens when enemies respawn from uncollected souls, which will be fairly complex and be used for nearly every enemy in the game.

About problemmachine

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