November 11th, 12th: Skipping

I didn’t write a post yesterday because I completely ran out of energy for some reason and didn’t feel like doing anything ever. Feeling a lot better today, fortunately, and immediately turned that energy into weird pursuits that are uncertain to ever be beneficial. That’s right, more work on the color class!

All of the enum pseudo-assembler stuff should work, though I haven’t tested it, and now I want to write a parser to convert more traditional code into the ‘assembler’ code. Once that’s done, along with a complement function to convert back, I’ll see about going from there to creating the kind of bytecode that flash shaders use — which should be pretty easy from my pseudo-assembler, but depending on how it’s implemented I may end up having to rearrange things.

Is this a worthwhile use of my time? Fuck if I know. It’s my time, though, so whatever.


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