November 4th: Color Continued

Worked a lot more on the color thing today, and made a ColorChannel helper to help with my Color helper. I used an Haxe abstract to implement this, which is completely different from an abstract class in most other programming languages — basically, instead of a class with some methods unimplemented, designed to be extended, a Haxe abstract is a way of skinning over an existing type with new methods. This is kind of cool, since it lets me create a Color class which is still actually a UInt and can be used in all the same ways, but it’s also a pretty dangerous concept since it mixes basic types and Objects in a language where the former are always passed as parameters and the latter as references. There’s also a bunch of weird constraints on what you can do with abstracts. I may end up going back to implementing these as classes if it gets to be too much of a clusterfuck, but it’s fun to play around with at least for now.


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