November 2nd: Wide view

Sigh. Well, there’s plenty left to be done, that’s for sure.

First, there’s the stuff that’s just been sitting around waiting for me to tackle it: Attack collision detection, Special effects, saving and loading game-state changes. Then, there’s the polish stuff, issues with the tile editor that could use improvement, etc. Then there’s newly introduced bugs.

So here’s a list of the old and the new. Red is TOP PRIORITY stuff, that definitely will need to be tackled before I can make any real progress on content. Obviously this is subject to change:

  • Game-state changes (recording defeated enemies, found items, triggered events, etc)
  • Attack registration and collision with entities
  • Dialogue management
    • Text captions
  • Animation registration points and derived effects
  • Improvements to Tile Editor:
    • Option to automatically link tile appearance to tile shape
    • Fix alignment issues w/ menus and dropper
    • Add ability to invert collision mesh within selected area
  • Manage loading levels better (consistent & simple) – currently is inconsistent and unreliable
  • Manage loaded level assets (particles etc) better – figure out when the best time to pre-load is
  • Main menu
    • Load game
    • Multiple profiles
  • Improvements to Particle System
    • Can be spawned by entity events
    • Can play sound
    • Collision with defined shapes (must be efficient)
    • Spawn masking
  • Dynamic zoom?
  • Graphics post-processing? (offload to C++ sub-program?)
  • Special effects
    • Reflective floors
    • Water reflections/rippling
    • Screen shake
    • Basic lighting
      • Lighting editor?


Well, there will probably be more. But this is definitely enough to get on with.


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