October 15th: Rain

Okay I figured out what was causing problems with my particles, and it turned out not to be a rendering issue at all. In fact, it was the combination of two bugs, one of which wasn’t really a bug and the other was a weird Haxe thing.

The first issue was something that I actually fixed, an issue with a whole bunch of particles sharing timing info causing them to be updated at the wrong speed. I fixed that, but failed to update the particle effects speed values to something that worked with the new system, so they actually just moved so fast they disappeared off the screen on the first frame. However, if everything else worked right this would have manifested as flickering as the particles quickly despawned and respawned:

However, there was also a problem in the behavior system that made it so they weren’t properly respawning, which was caused by a peculiarity in Haxe’s system of for loops. In most cases, using ‘for (x in container) x.doThing()’ causes it to iterate through and call doThing() on each object in the container. However, when using a basic type such as Float this apparently does not work, likely because it copies the values rather than modifying them by reference, though I haven’t checked to be sure.

Once I changed the x and y velocity values to something more moderate and I changed the ‘for (f in mBehaviorTimers) f += time;’ loop into ‘for (i in 0…mBehaviorTimers.length) mBehaviorTimes[i] += time;’, everything seemed to work FINE. So yay.


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