September 4th: Hmm

I don’t like making half-assed solutions. I don’t want to make this dialogue system super specific to just this one game, even though I honestly can’t foresee any occasion when I’d want to use one just like it. Still, I would like to be able to  have this be both reusable for future projects and reasonably intuitive for this one. Is that achievable? Fuck if I know. Still, It’s something I want to think about. It’s a matter of… principles? Sort of, but more about style than that. It’s a matter of persona. I can’t get into it unless I feel like I’m doing it right.

Some restructuring today that actually affects EverEnding as well as TurnCoat, reorganizing so common util classes are stored in a global classpath and have their own revision repository. Also made a repository for Turncoat while I was at it. Made some more revisions to the dialogue system in progress, bringing me to the aforementioned dilemma.

Honestly, I think the smart thing to do for now is drop the dialogue system, since it’s really just chrome for this game. At least, theoretically it is. It’s important to me, but still not as important as the core gameplay loop, so yeah. I’ll get menus in and make sure victory conditions and stuff work, THEN I’ll worry about this.


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