September 1st: Break

One week in, already the first emotional breakdown of the project. FUCK.

I haven’t been putting that many hours in, but something failed to click today and combined with frustration with roommates and internet problems I am right now full of anger and I don’t think I can push myself any harder. I feel angry in a way that I haven’t in many years, and I find the resurfacing of this rage to be worrying. I’m worried I’ll punch my desk or break something and be unable to afford to replace it or pay medical bills or whatfucking ever.

Today is a bad day. Some other day will be better. I don’t know why today is bad, and probably I never will, but someday I will learn to smell the sour stench of day-ruiners and anticipate and counteract their movement before they dig their claws between my ribs. But today wasn’t that day. Today was a bad day.


Oh I got some work done on the bones of the dialogue system though.


About problemmachine

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