Actual August 1st: Arrangements

I got a little bit mixed up on the date yesterday, since I wrote the update right around midnight. Anyway.

I started hooking up all of the control panels today, and that’s mostly done now. However, when I started thinking about how it would work to create and modify a detail, I realized that my particle class wasn’t really set up well to be modified as needed. So I’ve started revising the ParticleType class to make it possible to add animations and whatnot as you go, as well as, incidentally, making it so it can now support different types of render style through the implementation of a ‘Facet’ class. This isn’t a commonly used term as far as I know, but it was the best term I could think of for one of a set of different ways an object can render to screen. Anyway, I tabled it at that once I realized that this was going to affect the ParticleInstance class as well as the ParticleType class, thus it demands a bit more reflection before I recklessly start implementing it. Shouldn’t take too long, but I want to be sure not to break anything while I’m at it.


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