June 19th: Hiatus

I feel a bit better.

Something that I noticed is that, even though it really comes out to only a couple of hours or so a day, it’s been a couple of hours of programming every day, and it never feels like enough. Taking time away from it, just a couple of days, to focus on other things, reminds me just how much I can get done in a couple of hours when I’m focusing on just one thing. So it’s not a problem. I can spend a few days where I only get in 30 or 40 minutes of programming work, and it’s not like everything I’ve done will instantly collapse.

I want to do as much as possible, of course. But it’s to no one’s benefit if I drive myself crazy by trying to do more than I actually can.

So I’m relaxing a bit. I’m drinking less caffeine. I’m trying to just get something done every day, instead of trying to get everything done every day.

Anyway. Entity editor revision is proceeding pretty well, though not quite buildable yet. I’m putting a bunch of the burden directly on the entity prototype system itself, making it responsible for tracking prototypes, loading them in at start, deleting them when ordered to, etcetera. I think it’ll come together pretty soon, but I’m not too worried, at the moment, about when. As long as I put in some time every day, bit by bit, it will be sooner rather than later.


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