June 1st/2nd

Wow I completely missed a day without even noticing. Oops! I’ll try to do better. And, by that, I mean that I’ll try to write these up immediately after I finish working on the project for the day, since if I leave it until later I’ll apparently definitely forget.

Anyway, progress-wise, I completed the FileTools helper class, which allowed me to cut out probably a few hundred lines of code and a bunch of platform specific stuff from other classes, plus it should make error checking on loaded stuff a lot easier in the future. I did a bunch of rearrangement of the file structure to separate data files, the custom created types I use to store info, from asset files, images and sounds and music and whatnot. There’s some kind of weird bug right now where the particle effects aren’t displaying, though they still seem to be updating, and I updated a lot of code to comply with the new version of Haxe though that may have been further back than yesterday.

Basically, I’ve been doing everything I can think of to avoid having to actually work on the hard part that’s next. Which, I guess, is okay! I think I’ve done some good work in the meanwhile. However… it’s time. Tomorrow I start digging into all of the changes that will need to be made to the entity editor. To be fair, there shouldn’t be that many, and I may be able to get it done with a day or two of work, but it’s always sad having to tackle something I completed so recently to revise it like this. Oh well. After that, it’s probably time to focus on the detail editor.


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