May 26th/27th: Back into Swing

I’m not used to taking days off! It’s been a while since I’ve done so, and it’s taking a bit of adjustment to remember where my place was. This is not helped along by the fact that these couple days off ended up lining up pretty well with my sleep schedule cycling over another day, so I feel like I’ve slacked off and taken three days even though it was really just a hair over 48 hours all-told.

Anyway, to ease myself back in I ended up spending a couple of hours just going through and tidying up my level code, since it was rather a mess in a number of areas, and pondering what’s next. I think the number one priority right now is making sure everything is properly resettable, something which I’m making inroads towards doing now with the tidying but which still will require a bit of work to properly set up. So now I have a plan, if, perhaps, a vague one.


About problemmachine

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