May 24th: Novel Graphics

I got all of the stuff in to test out the graphics system, which in practice was quite a bit more finicky than I had anticipated. A lot of it was just messing around to fix problems with relative paths being slightly different so certain events that depended on consistent pathing weren’t going off, and etcetera. Dumb stuff like that.

Eventually, when I got all that sorted through, I found a couple of problems with the actual conversion functions themselves, which I fixed up. Right now, what’s tested is only a relatively small subset of the flash graphics drawing tools, but it is, crucially, the subset that I tend to actually USE. Testing out the rest can wait until later.

Note: I’m taking this weekend off, so no updates for the next couple days. Updates start back up on… Monday or Tuesday. I’d say straight up Monday except for the fact that I seem to be close to cycling all the way back around into the next day again, in which case I’d lose a day somewhere in there. I guess that’s a weird habit, but who’s gonna give me shit about it?


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