May 21st: Caches and Types

Feeling a bit better today. I got my first test case, a static particle that’s meant to replace what were previously level details, working: There turned out to be some issues with my old bitmap animation code that was causing it to both not cache and to draw improperly as an uncached animation, but those are fixed and now it works fine.

I’ve come across another issue though, involving particles not detecting or communicating which type they’re supposed to be. I think I architected this kind of poorly, so I’m going to go back and revise some of my code tomorrow. Right now, particles can flip their ‘respawn’ property in order to be respawned: This field can be specified as a type index, in case they want to respawn as another type. That’s all well and good, except right now this is the only way they can change types, which shuts out a wide swath of in-place type changes (such as rain-drops on water, the main reason I wanted to enable type changing in the first place). Anyway, once I get it tested with a big pixel particle effect, I’m going to see about testing the graphics code stuff, then file saving/loading. At that point, it should be good to go!


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