May 18th: Evisceration

Well, it builds. I haven’t tested it out yet, but I no longer get any compiler errors, so that’s promising.

Unfortunately, it looks like what work I’ve done on the detail editor in the past is now a complete and total wash. There’s just far too little similarity between the systems as they are now and as they were then, there’s no point in trying to salvage anything. So, basically, I got to delete a week or two of work today. Admittedly, it was work I put in a long time ago, and it wasn’t really especially good work, but still. Oh well, it’s all part of a learning experience.

Tomorrow I’ll see about running it, squashing any runtime errors that come up, and testing out the new particle system to make sure it runs. After that I’m going to be running through the code base to make sure that everything is up to standards in regard to being resettable and reading from single entity data files where possible instead of repeating data storage, and then it’s on to the particle/detail editor.


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