May 17th: Count

I got all the savey-loady code written and I think it will work. I revised the code so that each particle type now relies on externally saved resources rather than saving copies of all the resources when it’s saved, so that’s fixed in at least that one instance (still need to do the same for entities and maybe in some other places). I almost made the mistake of trying to copy this same approach over to the next class up, the particle system, but realized that in that case it made a lot more sense storing the types uniquely within the class rather than having a bajillion separate files. I’m in the process of making it so particle systems are properly resettable to their initial state now, and then will write the savey-loady code for them. At that point, I think the system code will be complete, and it will just be a matter of making the rest of the game use it properly.


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