May 2nd, 3rd: Pieces of Particles

Oops, forgot to update yesterday. Well, there’s not a lot to report right now. Right now I’m just tidying up and reorganizing my particle code to fit the new approach I’m thinking of. I second-guessed myself a bit yesterday, wondering if this is really the best way to go about it, but then I realized: Yes. It actually is. So that’s nice.

Anyway, just piecing things together for now: There’s a phase coming up relatively soon which I’m not looking forward to which will involve ripping out all of the code that doesn’t fit the new paradigm, work which I was previously quite proud of. So that sucks. But, fuck it, it’s all in the repository and I’ll replace it with something better, so it’s time to just fucking do it and see how it goes.


About problemmachine

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